Let's see what happens now

The stock market isn't doing too well ..... that's usually good news for the Real Estate market ... Let's wait and see.
I have just returned from a few days in NY state (I hope you New Yorkers appreciate how beautiful your State is!); I am always amazed how friendly and helpfull New Yorkers are (Except the receptionist at the Hampton Inn in Oneonta).

Maybe this past weekend is an indication of what is to come; more, than usual, properties have gone under contract: Click'>http://www.flexmls.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?20070813165832618296000000&s=6&id=1">Click

These are the properties that have come on the markets since August,1st:

and these properties have sold:

One more week and the kids are back to school! If you have kids or grand kids; enjoy this last week!

Thanks for reading my blog!