Canalfront homes starting at 559K!

Needless to say that waterfront homes are the best investment on an island; after all that is the main attarction: The water and the accessebility!
Two/three years ago it was hard to find a canalfront home below one million in the upper Keys. With the inventory being currently so flooded there are now some good deals out there.
Check out these canalfront homes below 80oK:

If you are somewhat familiar with the Keys you know that one of the greatest challenges is to obtain a building permit. Therefor vacant land WITH a permit comes at prime prices and is hard to find. Construction cost in the Keys for a Concrete Block house is between 250 and 400 Dollars.
That means that a 1400 Square Foot home costs between 350K and 560K. Many people opt to purchase a 'tear down' property because they can replace the house (Ergo it is sort of like buying a piece of land with a permit). When you consider these facts, it becomes clear that a canalfront home below 800K ready to occupie is a rather good buy! Please call me if you'd like any more info on any of these homes!

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These are all properties that have come on the market since my last post:

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