Happy new year!

I hope you all got well into the new year!
We had a cold spell here - in the 40s! I realize again why everybody from up North loves the Keys! I have been in Florida for over 15 years; I forgot what it's like when you are really cold! (Yeah, yeah, I know in the 40s is not really cold!).

There is some activity; I think quite a few people wanted to see how 2007 is going to go. Not well - that's for sure! Another thing for sure is that people still love the Keys and that the Keys will always be unique and Real Estate will always be very valuable on this small stretch of Islands. Therefor actual sales prices have nowhere nearly fallen as much as in other areas in Florida. Let's wait and see how 2008 will go! I have high hopes!

Oh, here we go; the RE activity since my last blog:

All properties that sold in the Upper Keys:

Properties that have gone under contract since my last entry:

and all properties that are new on the market:

59!!!! new listings! Finally we have some inventory! :)

To us all a great 2008 and thanks for reading my blog!