Current Bestseller!

The lowest priced canal front homes! If you are in the market for a canal front home, I advise you to start looking now and buying something a.s.a.p because canal front homes under 700K don't come on the market much and if they do, they fly off the shelf. (Especially under 600K!)
Take a look at these houses that are under contract and how many days they were on the market. When you look at the days on market, keep in mind that 'the days on market' keep counting while the house is under contract.
These are ALL canal front homes currently on the market from MM74 to MM110 (Islamorada to Key Largo) under 600K:
and here are homes that are listed from 600 to 700K (same criteria as above!)

Supply and Demand is what determines a buyers or a sellers market. No Doubt, It's a buyers market right now, but the inventory of low priced canal front homes continues to decrease and before you know; they will all be gone! (I am only referring to the Upper Keys with this comment!).

And here the update for my faithful readers:
These are all new listings that have come on the market since my last post.
All properties that have gone under contract since then.

and all properties that sold.

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