If it's too good to be true .........

you know how that sentence ends. If you are on my e-mail alerts or check new activity in Venetian Shores you have seen a house that was reduced in price from 1,7 Million to 795K! I called the listing agent to see what the story is: It's a short sale. Against the agent's advice the sellers insisted on a price reduction to generate activity. "The bank might take 1,2 Million but nowhere close to 800K". Yes, they CAN do that because they have a short sale addendum with the listing agreement stating that everything is contingent upon bank approval. They SHOULD not do do that because it's a TEASER price. It's misleading. Now you know the whole story.

On another note, please take a look at these great deals:

This is the view from an Ocean Harbor unit on the market for 599K. OH is a beautiful high end complex in Islamorada and 599K is a great asking price.

If you are looking for an investment, this is a unit to consider. Almost 1900 SF, built in 2000, everything top of the line and daily rentals permitted. Listed no at 365K (This INCLUDES 40K membership). The association fees are high $1800 per months but you will make up for that in rental income. This is one of the very few "Pays for itself".

Take a look at all available REO's (Bank owned) right now: Click here
They are all great deals!

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