Monday Mish Mash: Another Real Housewife Bites the Real Estate Dirt

Like so many shockingly spendthrift Housewives before her, Karent Sierra—a glitzy Coral Gables dentist and a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Miami—has lost (at least) one of the four homes she owns in Miami (FL) to the gaping maw of foreclosure.

South Florida scuttlebutt José Lambiet revealed that a 1,200 square foot, canal-front home in the Westwood Lake area of Miami (above) that Miz Sierra co-owns with her mother, Lucero, is all set to be auctioned to the highest bidder on August 27 (2013). Your Mama found evidence online that Miz Sierra unsuccessfully attempted to sell the property back in November (2012) when it was listed for $250,000. The price was lowered twice down to $232,900 before it was taken off the market in late April (2013).

Real Housewives aficionados may (or may not) find it interesting that the chomper fixer's primary residence in Miami—the mock-Med macmansion featured on The Real Housewives of Miami—also had a judgement of foreclosure filed and recorded against it in late April 2013 although it's not clear—at least not to Your Mama—if this house is scheduled to be auctioned.

Property records show Miz Sierra also owns the house next door to her primary residence, which does not, as per our brief and unscientific research, appear to be under threat of foreclosure, as well as another canal front home in Miramar, FL that records show is co-owned by Miz Sierra and her parents and also does not appear to be threatened by foreclosure.

So far, Miz Sierra has not commented on her foreclosure issues. Maybe she's just too busy putting some bright white veneers on some really tan lady's teeth so she can save her house from the auction block.

source: Gossip Extra
photo: Active Realty via Zillow