Great tool to keep you up to date!

Hello everybody!
Did you know that I can set you up to receive automatic e-mails when something new that fits your criteria comes on the market, has a price reduction, sold or went pending? I check every day what activity there has been in the Real Estate market over the past 24 hours and I post it here for you to follow but I must admit: The computer automatic e-mail alert is fantastic! I receive a copy of whatever alert was sent to you; that way I am alerted as well.
Please e-mail or call me if you'd like me to set you up to receive these automatic alerts; you will be send a link to the property so you can actually view the property and more info about it. If you like, you can copy these questions into an e-mail, answer them and I will set you up:
Mile Marker to and from or Island you prefer
Price range (The top number is more important, I always search from 0 to)
Condo or House
How many bedrooms?
Are views essential?
Bay or Ocean side or both?
Dockage Yes or no and if yes, how large is the boat?
Canal front, Bay front, Ocean Front or dry lot?
Construction: CBS (Concrete Block) or Frame or is either ok?
Is rentability important?
If there is other criteria you'd like to add just let me know.
If you'd prefer to tell me on the phone what you are looking for you can call me anytime at 305-393-0923 or e-mail me. If you'd prefer I can e-mail you the above list or you can just copy it into your e-mail and answer the questions.
My e-mail is
Thanks for reading my blog!