These deals are already gone

This is an update to let you know that good deals go quickly. Goes to show that everything will sell for the right price even in a challenging Real Estate market.
I told you about these deals in my blog in the past two weeks and they are already under contract: Click here to see the two listings

If you are checking this blog to see the daily activity you will not always see eveything that went under contract in the past few days because many agents wait to change the status to pending in their listing until all contingencies have been removed and the sale is certain to go through.
I had a customer yesterday who wanted to make an offer on one of these properties but both of them are already under contract:
Click here to see them

There was already another offer on this property but it was too low and the bank did not take it; nevertheless there was an offer for over 700K on this property:

Tomorrow I will tell you about deals are still available.
Thanks for reading my blog!