Two great price reductions

Sometimes the greatest deals pop up when there is a price reduction. That is the case with two properties that had drastic price reductions yesterday.
There was a price a reduction to 649K in the Sanctuary and the sellers are motivated.
The Sanctuary is a secret to many in Key Largo. It is tugged away by the bay at MM100, it is the lowest density complex in the Keys: 34 units on 26 Acres! You can find out more info about the unit here
The pictures are bad! I wish I had some pictures to share with you; next time I'll take my camera when I show the Sanctuary. Nevertheless this 649K is a great price for a townhouse: 1700 Square feet, boat dockage and an open bay view. If you are looking in the Keys and like privacy and nature; this is it!

The other price reduction was on this house on Fontaine. This is a short sale but it has been approved by the bank and is ready to close! The previous asking price was 900K; the asking price now is 825K.
This is a CBS house, three bedrooms, on a double size lot. The best of both worlds: Great fishing because it's a straight shot out to the ocean, open water view yet very protective dockage. If you are looking for a waterfront house under 1 Million; this should be the one!
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